This image shows Saskia Goldberg

Saskia Goldberg


Research Associate


Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Department of Political Theory and Empirical Democracy Research

  1. 2021

    1. Goldberg, S. (2021). Just Advisory and Maximally Representative: A Conjoint Experiment on Non-ParticipantsLegitimacy Perceptions of Deliberative Forums. Regular Issue, 17(1), Article 1.
  2. 2020

    1. Bächtiger, A., & Goldberg, S. (2020). Towards a More Robust, but Limited and Contingent Defence of the Political Uses of Deliberative Minipublics. Special Issue: Democracy without Shortcuts, 16(2), Article 2.
  3. 2019

    1. Goldberg, S., & Bächtiger, A. (2019). Wünsche an Demokratie: Politische Einstellungen, Entscheidungsthema und Demokratiepräferenzen von Bürgern (J. Mayerl, T. Krause, A. Wahl, & M. Wuketich, Eds.). Springer VS.
    2. Goldberg, S., Wyss, D., & Bächtiger, A. (2019). Deliberating or Thinking (Twice) About Democratic Preferences: What German Citizens Want From Democracy. Political Studies, 68(2), 311--331.
  4. 2018

    1. Bächtiger, A., & Goldberg, S. (2018). Deliberation und Biopolitik (S. Rixen, Ed.; Vol. 2). Mohr Siebeck.

Saskia Goldberg studied Social Sciences (B.A.) and Empirical Political and Social Research (M.A.) at the University of Stuttgart. Since 2016 she is an academic assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences at the Chair of Political Theory and Empirical Democracy Research. Her research focuses on deliberative democracy, democratic innovations and citizen dialogue formats.

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