Christian D. León

Research Associate
Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685-83974
+49 711 685-73974

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Integrated water management

Scenario development

Stakeholder participation

Selected Publications:

Schütze, Manfred/Seidel, Jochen/Chamorro, Alejandro/León, Christian 2018: Integrated modelling of a megacity water system – The application of a transdisciplinary approach to the Lima metropolitan area. In: Journal of Hydrology. DOI: 10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.03.045 (Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jhydrol.2018.03.045)

Teutsch, Claudia/Bárdossy, Andras/Seidel, Jochen/Huggel, Christian/León, Christian/Motschmann, Alina/Drenkhan, Fabian 2018: Integrated Water Resources Modeling in the Cordillera Blanca, Peru. Symposium Umweltrisiken in der Wasserforschung - Inter- und transdisziplinäre Bewertungen und Perspektiven. Karlsruhe, 15.-16.01.2018

León, Christian 2015: Scenario Planning for Sustainable Water Management. In: Schütze, Manfred (Hrsg.): LiWa Transferability Manual - How can LiWa be applied to other regions of the world? Project LiWa - Lima Water. Ifak e.V. Magdeburg, 14-19

Kosow, Hannah/León, Christian 2014: Die Szenariotechnik als Methode der Experten- und Stakeholdereinbindung. Am Beispiel der Wasserszenarien Lima 2040. In: Niederberger, Marlen/Wassermann, Sandra (Hrsg.): Methoden der Experten- und Stakeholdereinbindung in der sozialwissenschaftlichen Forschung. Springer Verlag, 217-242

Schütze, Manfred/León, Christian 2013: Gestión del agua y aguas residuales en megaciudades ¿Cómo puede una ciudad prepararse para el futuro? Un proyecto en Lima/Perú. In: Revista Ambiental 08/2013, 6-11

León, Christian/Kosow, Hannah/Schütze, Manfred 2013: Metodología combinada de análisis de escenarios y simulación del sistema de agua y aguas residuales de Lima y Callao. II Encuentro de Investigadores Ambientales. Arequipa (Peru), 03.07.2013

Kosow, Hannah/León, Christian/Schütze, Manfred 2013: Escenarios para el futuro - Lima y Callao 2040. Escenarios CIB, storylines & simulación LiWatool. In: http://lima-water.de/documents/scenariobrochure.pdf, zugegriffen am 16.04.18

León, Christian 2012: Escenarios futuros Lima 2040. X Congreso de Prospectiva y Estudios del Futuro PROSPECTA PERU 2012. Chiclayo (Peru), 15.-16.11.2012

Schütze, Manfred/Robleto, Gloria/León, Christian/Alex, Jens/Rodriguez, Ivan 2011: Sustainable Planning and Management of complex urban water systems based on Macro-modelling, Simulation and Stakeholder participation - The case of the megacity of Lima. Watermatex 8th IWA Symposium on Systems Analysis and Integrated Assessment. San Sebastian (Spain), 21.-23.06.2011

Schütze, Manfred/Robleto, Gloria/León, Christian/Rodriguez, Ivan 2011: Modelling and scenario building of urban water and wastewater systems addressing water shortage in Lima. 12th International Conference on Urban Drainage. Porto Alegre (Brazil), 11.-16.09.2011

Schütze, Manfred/Robleto, Gloria/León, Christian 2009: Sustainable water management in the emerging megacity of Lima – Based on macro-modelling and participation. 5th Urban Research Forum of the World Bank “Cities and Climate Change: Responding to an Urgent Agenda”. Marseille (France), 28.-30.06.2009

Christian D. León studied Agricultural Sciences with a focus on economics and society at the University of Hohenheim. After his higher education, he worked at the Center of Technology Assessment in Baden-Wuerttemberg and led various projects there, on the topic of Sustainable Development. From 2002 to 2008, he was head of office at the Baden-Wuerttemberg Council for Sustainable Development (NBBW). Since 1 June 2008 he has been a scientific research associate at ZIRN (since 2012: ZIRIUS) where he leads research projects within the key topics of Integrated Water Management, Scenario Development and Stakeholder Participation.

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