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Aleksandar Jovanovic

Dr.-Ing., Prof. (Univ. NS)

EU Project Director
Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 18397810
+49 711 685 82487



Aleksandar Jovanovic has been active as an engineer and researcher in industry, research and teaching since 1977 (EU, Japan, USA). He has worked at the University of Stuttgart since 1987, where he has managed over 30 large projects for the EU and industry (e.g. in the areas of risk management and “intelligent” software systems or data mining, fuzzy systems, decision support systems, intelligent agent models). Parallel to this, he was also a member of the EU Commission in Brussels as seconded national expert and contractual agent (Directorate-General for Research). He is currently CEO of the European Institute for Integrated Risk Management EU-VRi ( He has also worked at the Universities of Milan (Politecnico), Stuttgart, La Jolla (USA, UCSD), Paris (École Polytechnique), Zagreb and Novi Sad as a lecturer and professor. Aleksandar Jovanovic is chairman of the CEN-CWA "Emerging Risks” committee and a liaison member of the ISO PC262 committee (ISO 31000 Standard "Risk Management").

Selected publications:

Co-author of the OECD Study "Future Global Shocks", OECD, June 2011

A. Jovanovic, O. Renn, O. Salvi, Eds. (2010). 2nd iNTeg-Risk Conference: New Technologies & Emerging Risks / Dealing with multiple and interconnected emerging risks, INTeg-Risk, Stuttgart (Germany). Steinbeis Edition 2010, ISBN: 978-3-938062-33-3, pp. 492

A. Jovanovic, Ed. (2009). 1st iNTeg-Risk Conference: Dealing with Risks of Tomorrow's Technologies, INTeg-Risk, Stuttgart (Germany). Steinbeis Edition 2009, ISBN: 978-3-941417-40-3

Jovanovic, A. (2008). (Chairman) CEN CWA 15740:2008 (“Risk-based Inspection and Maintenance” –

Jovanovic, A. (2007). Methods and tools for integrating the considerations of risks in research work on advanced materials: dealing with non-performance and adverse impacts as main concerns (opening lecture). Einfluss der Werkstoffe auf Zukunftsbranchen 5. Werkstoffkongress 8./9. November 2007, Montanuniversität Leoben, Leoben, Austria

Jovanovic, A., Filipovic N. (2006). Innovative modelling methods: Application of Dissipative Particle Dynamics to simulation of damage in self-healing of polymer-coated surfaces. Journal of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics 44, 637-648, Warsaw 200

Jovanovic, A., Balos, D., Colantoni, D., Auerkari, P. (2005). Failure risk analysis of a high-temperature piping system in a power plant - application of RIMAP approach. ENGINEERING FAILURE ANALYSIS (Materials Structures Components Reliability), Elsevier 2005

Jovanovic, A. (2004). Overview of RIMAP project and its deliverables in the area of power plants. International Journal of Pressure Vessels and Piping 81, 815-824, Elsevier 2004

Jovanovic, A. (2003). Risk-based inspection and maintenance in powerr and process plants in Europe. Nuclear Engineering and Design 226 , 165-182, Elsevier 2003

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Jovanovic, A. (2001). Current European efforts on establishing a guideline on risk-based life management of components in power and process plants: EPERC-TTF3 and RIMAP projects. Proceedings of Baltica V 2001 International Conference, Porvo, June 2001

Jovanovic, A. (2000). Extending the concept of Risk-based Inspection (RBI) to Risk-based Life, Management (RBLM). State-of-the-art Resource Document prepared for and under a subcontract of JRC, Petten, May 2000, EU DGIII (EUR report), Luxembourg, pp. 174




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