Research Areas - Self-concept - Aims and Mission

Research Focus

The researchers at ZIRIUS are primarily concerned with:

  • the socio-economic and institutional preconditions of socio-technological innovation processes,
  • risk analysis, risk management and risk communication, in particular environmental, climatic and health risks,
  • the economic, political and social preconditions, risks, benefits, and implications of socio-technical change,
  • the preconditions, processes and results of different formats of public participation.

Our Focus

is on socially relevant fields of action such as energy supply, mobility, environmental and climate protection, health, nutrition and water.

Cross-section Tasks

enable the development, testing and research of

  • opportunities and conditions of effective public participation,
  • new innovative participation formats,
  • concepts, strategies and methods of risk assessment and risk management,
  • concepts, strategies and methods for combining scientific knowledge and knowledge of the real world (for example, living labs).


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