This image shows Yvonne  Zahumensky

Yvonne Zahumensky


Research Associate
Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685 84509
+49 711 685 82487

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Her work focuses on stakeholder analysis and participatory assessment of technology options in water management in the Lima region.

Yvonne Zahumensky studied Geography of Developing Countries, Politics, Educational Science and Agricultural Sciences in the Tropics and Subtropics at the Universities of Tübingen, Hohenheim and Rio de Janeiro. Since June 2017, she has been a research associate in the joint project TRUST “Sustainable, Fair and Ecological Drinking Water Supply in Prospering Regions with Water Shortage – Development of Solution and Planning tools to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals Using the Example of the Lima/Peru catchment area.”

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