Knowledge Transfer Reloaded: Using Stuttgart's Real-world Laboratory Research Successfully and Sustainably

Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies

The aim of the project is to systematically work through the findings from the real-world laboratory research at the University of Stuttgart and make them accessible for upcoming projects as well as for interested parties.

Project Funding

University of Stuttgart

Project Duration

August 2021 to March 2023

Since the first call for proposals from the state of Baden-Württemberg as part of the program "Strengthening the contribution of science to sustainable development" in 2015, the University of Stuttgart has acquired three real-world laboratories. Including the participation of individual institutions, the university has been involved as a project partner in the work of four others. From the very beginning, scientists from our university have been involved in shaping and driving forward real-world laboratory research, which aims at structured cooperation between science and society for the scientific treatment of sustainability issues.
The project initiated by the IZKT and funded by the University of Stuttgart "Knowledge transfer reloaded. Using Stuttgart's Reallaboratory Research Successfully and Sustainably" aims to summarize and reflect on the potential of transformative science in the form of research and teaching in the real-world laboratories at the University of Stuttgart, to systematically process the knowledge generated at the methodological level, and to make it visible and accessible for long-term application and dissemination. With the establishment of the "Reallabor Universität Stuttgart Research & Open Science Portal", a knowledge platform for the stabilization of Stuttgart's reallaboratory research is to be created. It should not only enable a sustainable application of the knowledge already generated, but also promote the stronger interlinking of science at the university with the city of Stuttgart and (civil) society partners for the initiation of new transformative projects.

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