Prof. Dr.

Cordula Kropp

Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685-83971
+49 711 685-82487

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Cordula Kropp’s work and research focus includes:

  • Challenges and design possibilities of the ongoing infrastructural change (energy transition, traffic transformation, digitalisation and automation in various fields of action),
  • research on risk and resilience in technology development,
  • the participatory development of sustainable cities and regions (from urban gardens to smart cities).

At ZIRIUS, she is responsible for the examination and supervision of socio-technical transformation processes, such as energy and mobility transitions, and for the further development of theoretical and methodological approaches to risk and technology research.

Latest Publications:

Kropp, C. & S. Stinner (2018): Wie weit reicht die transformative Kraft der urbanen Ernährungsbewegung? In: SuN - Soziologie und Nachhaltigkeit 2/2018: 27-50.

Kropp (2018): Innovationen in der Wohlfahrtspflege – Anforderungen und Ambivalenzen. In: Blätter der Wohlfahrtspflege 2/2018: 73-77.

Kropp, C. (2018): Sustainable Innovations. Theories, Conflicts and Strategies. SOI Discussion Paper 2018-02.

Kropp, C. (2018): Controversies around Energy Landscapes in Third Modernity. In: Landscape Research 43: 4, 562-573.

Kropp, C. (2017): Forschung zu sozialen Innovationen am Scheideweg. In: GAIA 26/4: 309-312.

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Professor Cordula Kropp (*1966) is a sociologist with a long-standing focus in sustainability-oriented research on social natural conditions, innovations and socio-technical change. She has successfully led numerous interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary projects dealing with risk issues, climate change and socio-technical transformation processes.

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