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Wolfgang Hauser


Research Associate
Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685 84814

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Alongside research on social aspects of the energy system and the creation of scenarios, he works on agent-based simulations and the topics of lifestyle and life satisfaction.

  1. 2021

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  2. 2020

    1. Pregger, T., Naegler, T., Weimer-Jehle, W., Prehofer, S., & Hauser, W. (2020). Moving towards socio-technical scenarios of the German energy transition---lessons learned from integrated energy scenario building. Climatic Change, 162(4), 1743--1762.
    2. Senkpiel, C., & Hauser, W. (2020). Systemic Evaluation of the Effects of Regional Self-Supply Targets on the German Electricity System Using Consistent Scenarios and System Optimization. Energies, 13(18), Article 18.
    3. Senkpiel, C., Dobbins, A., Kockel, C., Steinbach, J., Fahl, U., Wille, F., Globisch, J., Wassermann, S., Droste-Franke, B., Hauser, W., Hofer, C., Nolting, L., & Bernath, C. (2020). Integrating Methods and Empirical Findings from Social and Behavioural Sciences into Energy System Models—Motivation and Possible Approaches. Energies, 13(18), 4951.
    4. Weimer-Jehle, W., Vögele, S., Hauser, W., Kosow, H., Poganietz, W.-R., & Prehofer, S. (2020). Socio-technical energy scenarios: state-of-the-art and CIB-based approaches. Climatic Change, 162(4), 1723--1741.
  3. 2019

    1. Kost, C., Längle, S., Shammugam, S., Garcia, K. R., Hauser, W., Biener, W., & Senkpiel, C. (2019). AutGrid - Chancen und Risiken der Netzautarkie in Deutschland; Modellgestützte Analyse und Bewertung der Auswirkungen einer Netzautarkie von Regionen im deutschen Energiesystem : Schlussbericht : Laufzeit des Vorhabens: 01.05.2015-31.12.2018, Chancen und Risiken der Netzautarkie in Deutschland, Modellgestützte Analyse und Bewertung der Auswirkungen einer Netzautarkie von Regionen im deutschen Energiesystem, Chances and risks of grid self-sufficiency in Germany - Model-based analysis and evaluation of the effects of grid autarky in the Germany energy system. Fraunhofer Institut für Solare Energiesysteme, ISE;

Wolfgang Hauser studied Sociology at the University of Bamberg and Université de la Réunion. He gained his doctorate from the University of Stuttgart with a thesis on the relationship between private energy consumption and lifestyle.

His work focuses on the socio-technical analysis of the energy system and scenario building. In addition to the classical methods of empirical social research, agent-based modeling and cross-impact balance analysis are mainly applied. His main research interests in the field of CIB are the creation of hybrid scenarios and statistical scenario analysis.

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