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Christian Hofmaier


Research Associate
Research Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685 83351
+49 711 685 82487

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


His research and project focus lies in the areas of stakeholder involvement, dialogue and communication structures, as well as the sociology of technology.

Selected Publications:

George Gaskell, Imre Bard, Agnes Allansdottir, Rui Viera da Cunha, Peter Eduard, Jürgen Hampel, Elisabeth Hildt, Christian Hofmaier, Nicole Kronberger, Sheena Laursen, Anna Meijknecht, Salvör Nordal, Alexandre Qintanilha, Gemma Revuelta, Núria Saladié, Judit Sándor, Júlio Borlido Santos, Simone Seyringer, Ilina Singh, Han Somsen, Winnie Tonders, Helge Torgersen, Vincent Torre, Márton Varju und Hub Zwart (2017): Public Views on gene editing and its uses. Nature Biotechnology Vol. 35(11), 1021-1023. (URL:

Christina Benighaus, Ludger Benighaus, Christian Hofmaier, Lisa Kastl und Leonie Steckermeier (2016): Ernährung, Lebensmittel und Forschung 2020. In: Christina Benighaus, Gisela Wachinger, Ortwin Renn (Hrsg.): Bürgerbeteiligung. Wolfgang Metzner Verlag: Frankfurt a.M., 152-162. (ISBN 978-3-943951-68-4

Shumaisa Khan, Lada Timotijevic, Rachel Newton, Daniela Coutinho, José Luis Llerena, Santiago Ortega, Ludger Benighaus, Christian Hofmaier, Zamira Xhaferri, Alie de Boer, Christine Urban, Michael Strähle, Lara Da Pos, Federico Neresini, Monique Raats und Klaus Hadwiger (2016): The framing of innovation among European research funding actors: Assessing the potential for ‘responsible research and innovation’ in the food and health domain. In: Food policy 62, 78-87

Ronja Schütz, Christian Hofmaier, Núria Saladié, Gemma Revuelta und Elisabeth Hildt (2015): Talking about what? Early Engagement Activities in the Context of Neuro-Enhancement Technologies. In: Constanze Scherz, Tomáš Michalek, Leonhard Hennen, Lenka Hebáková, Julia Hahn und Stefanie Seitz (Hrsg.). The next horizon of technology assessment. Proceedings from the PACITA 2015 conference in Berlin. Prag: Technology Centre ASCR, 157-162. (ISBN 978-80-7333-121-4)

Christian Hofmaier studied Sociology, Business Administration and German Studies (MA) at the University of Stuttgart. During his degree, he worked on various research projects as a research assistant at the Institute of Social Sciences, Department of Technology and Environmental Sociology, ZIRIUS (ZIRN) and DIALOGIK gGmbH. From 2014, he was involved in the NERRI and PROSO EU projects as a research associate and is now working on the SozioE2S research project.

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