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Sigrid Prehofer


Research Associate
Center for Interdisciplinary Risk and Innovation Studies


+49 711 685 83951
+49 711 685 82487

Seidenstr. 36
70174 Stuttgart


Her research focus is energy scenarios and system analyses. In particular, this involves the analysis of the social aspects of the energy system, the analysis and creation of qualitative scenarios of energy transformation processes and the application of sociological theory for the construction of qualitative scenarios. She is also interested in the transparency of energy scenario studies and the methodological development of the Cross-Impact Balance analysis, especially in the context of quantitative energy scenarios.

  1. 2021

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  2. 2020

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  3. 2019

    1. Pregger, T., Naegler, T., Weimer-Jehle, W., Prehofer, S., & Hauser, W. (2019). Moving towards socio-technical scenarios of the German energy transition---lessons learned from integrated energy scenario building. Climatic Change, 6(12), Article 12.
  4. 2017

    1. Scheele, R., Kosow, H., & Prehofer, S. (2017). Kontextszenarien als Ergänzung modellgestützter Szenarioanalysen : Grundlagen und aktuelle Fragestellungen. In M. Tilebein, T. Fischer, S. Jeschke, M. Schwaninger, & S. N. Grösser (Eds.), Digitale Welten : Neue Ansätze in der Wirtschafts- und Sozialkybernetik (Vol. 30, pp. 107–121). Duncker & Humblot.
    2. Vögele, S., Hansen, P., Poganietz, W.-R., Prehofer, S., & Weimer-Jehle, W. (2017). Building scenarios for energy consumption of private households in Germany using a multi-level cross-impact balance approach. Energy, 120, 937–946.
  5. 2016

    1. Cao, K.-K., Cebulla, F., Gómez-Vilchez, J. J., Mousavi, B., & Prehofer, S. (2016). Raising awareness in model-based energy scenario studies : a transparency checklist. Energy, Sustainability and Society, 6, 28.
    2. Weimer-Jehle, W., Buchgeister, J., Hauser, W., Kosow, H., Naegler, T., Poganietz, W.-R., Pregger, T., Prehofer, S., von Recklinghausen, A., Schippl, J., & Vögele, S. (2016). Context scenarios and their usage for the construction of socio-technical energy scenarios. Energy, 111, 956--970.
  6. 2013

    1. Weimer-Jehle, W., Prehofer, S., & Vögele, S. (2013). Kontextszenarien: Ein Konzept zur Behandlung von Kontextunsicherheit und Kontextkomplexität bei der Entwicklung von Energieszenarien. TATuP, 22(2), Article 2.

Sigrid Prehofer studied Geography and Politics at the Free University of Berlin. Ms Prehofer has worked at ZIRIUS since completing her degree in 2012. She is a graduate of the interdisciplinary Helmholtz Research School on Energy Scenarios.

Sigrid Prehofer is an anthropogeographer and focuses her research on scenario building and socio-technical energy system analysis. In the CIB-Lab, she is also dedicated to the reflection and further development of the CIB method. She works mainly interdisciplinary in the field of hybrid scenarios.

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