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4Nemo: Research Network for the Development of New Methods in Energysystem Modeling

In this joint project, scenarios for the German energy transition will be created based on a wide spectrum of energy and economic models. On the one hand, ZIRIUS supports the use of findings of social science acceptance research in energy modelling. ZIRIUS also advises the partners on the application of CIB analysis, which is used in the project to analyse social framework conditions.

Project Funding

Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy (BMWi)

Project Duration

November 2016 to February 2020

The dynamics of the European energy system are increasingly being shaped by regulatory intervention, the expansion of renewable energies and the interaction of all social stakeholders. The development is reflected in the diversity of methods and orientations of existing energy models. However, these models are often limited in their ability to map the challenges of the system transformation. Uncertainties, socio-economic factors and also the interaction of energy sectors are often only considered rudimentarily. Against this background, the project has two main objectives:

1) The integration of economic and social factors and the associated forms of uncertainty in energy models should be improved. For this purpose, the energy models of the project partners will be further developed in a coordinated way.

2) The coherence, comparability and transparency of the models is to be increased. Systematic model comparisons and analyses using project-derived scenarios increase the understanding of specialisation advantages of the models.

Overall, the project aims to contribute to an improvement in the meaningfulness, interpretability and comparability of policy analyses by means of energy models.

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