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Knowledge and Technology Transfer Project: Visualize the energy transition locally and make it come to life. Experiences and encounters as an engine for a collective social discourse

The potential of energy scenarios to support decisions for future energy systems is still not at his fullest, since the cognitive argument with different future scenarios seem intangible and too abstract. In order to overcome this problem, the knowledge and technology transfer project (WTT), aims to develop scenario technology for a better transfer of knowledge into society, and make future models a tangible experience that promotes a social discourse of energy transition.

Project Funding

University of Stuttgart

Project Duration

January 2019 to March 2010

In the light of the challenging energy transition to a renewable energy system, the project aims to develop and improve the potentials of energy scenarios as a communication and participation tool in an innovative way.

Energy scenarios are a chance for actors in society to make possible futures intelligible and provide a basis for discussion and consultation with stakeholders and citizens. Because of the mostly cognitive engagement with scenarios, a transfer into „real“ living environment is often difficult. Therefore the potential of scenarios is often not fully exploited.

Possible energy futures, their interdependencies and path dependencies of courses of action on individual and collective levels, will be visualized in order to make it possible for citizens to experience and grasp them. A further aspect is the question, how these expericences can contribute to a common understanding of a successfull transition by an individual and organisational change of perspectives and expectations in urban as well as rural areas.

The project is carried out in two areas in Baden-Württemberg, in an urban city quarter and in a (small) rural community and is supported by Ministry of the Environment, Climate Protection and the Energy Sector Baden-Württemberg.

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