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Cross-Sectoral Care

The tasks of the healthcare system in Baden-Württemberg are increasing. Therefore, discussions with patients were carried out to determine needs and wishes for a future healthcare system in the region, and bundle them into a proposal for the state government.

Project Funding

Ministry of Social Affairs and Integration Baden-Württemberg

Project Duration

January 2016 to December 2017

The model project develops a concept for a sustainable healthcare supply structure.

The current healthcare system in Baden-Württemberg is facing a number challenges. These include demographic change and the associated aging society, a changing need for treatment, an increase in chronic illnesses and a shortage of skilled workers. 

The aim of the model project is the elaboration of a cross-sectoral and cross-district care concept in the model region South Württemberg (Reutlingen, Biberach, Ravensburg). With a cross-sectoral development of the care structures and the overcoming of the classical limits of requirement planning, the looming problems are to be solved. In this project, ZIRIUS is responsible for citizen involvement within the framework of focus groups and dialogue events. 

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