Buchcover The Plausibility of Future Scenarios

23. November 2020 / Dr. Ricarda Schmidt-Scheele

Bucherscheinung „The Plausibility of Future Scenarios“ im transcript Verlag

What makes scenarios plausible to its users? The new book by Ricarda Schmidt-Scheele helps researchers and practitioners to better understand the implications of their methodological choices in scenario planning. It takes an interdisciplinary approach to ‘plausibility’ as one of the more unexplored concepts underpinning foresight and scenario work. Despite the concept's ubiquity, its epistemological and empirical foundations remain unexplored in previous research. Her book provides an interdisciplinary perspective: It presents approaches from philosophy of sciences, cognitive psychology, narrative theory and linguistics, and tests key hypotheses in an experimental study. A conceptual map lays out indicators for scenario plausibility and explains how assessments vary across scenario methods.

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