Neuerscheinung: Scenarios of water extremes: Framing ways forward for wicked problems

4. Februar 2022

Many of the current scenario studies on future water extremes do not seem to adequately address their emerging wickedness. Instead, they often focus on one of the extremes: floods or droughts or pollution, but not on the complexity of interlinkages between extremes. Also, very few studies seem to integrate the natural and the social science perspectives. Discussing these shortcomings during an expert work-shop has led to five central recommendations that we summarize in this commentary. These indicate how to develop scenarios that more adequately address the emerging wickedness of double or even triple water extremes. These scenarios then could help us to better anticipate and cope with future water extremes and increase resilience.

Kosow, H., Kirschke, S., Borchardt, D., Cullmann, J., Guillaume, J. H. A., Hannah, D. M., Schaub, S., & Tosun, J. (2022). Scenarios of water extremes: Framing ways forward for wicked problems. Hydrological Processes, 36 (2), e14492.

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