Session and workshop at iEMSs2022: Cross-impact balances (CIB): state of the art and future avenues

14. Juli 2022

During the 11th conference of the international Environmental Modelling and Software society (iEMSs 2022) Dr. Hannah Kosow, Dr. Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle (both ZIRIUS, University of Stuttgart) and Prof. Vanessa Schweizer (University of Waterloo) organized and convened session A.6 and the follow up discussion workshop W.1 on Cross-Impact Balances (CIB).  These events brought together the growing international CIB community and allowed to take stock of the state of the art and to develop future research avenues for CIB.

More information on the session can be found here.

List of speakers & inputs:

  • Wolfgang Weimer-Jehle: CIB - Where are we and where are we going?
  • Hannah Kosow: Using CIB for policy design
  • Sigrid Prehofer: The role(s) of CIB in constructing hybrid scenarios
  • Norman M. Kearney: Prophesy: A new tool for dynamic CIB
  • Stefan Vögele: Implementing non-linearities in Storylines – a possible and required step to include dynamic system-related developments
  • Arezou Babajani: Scenario Planning for Organic Farming Development in Iran by Applying Cross Impact Balance (CIB) Analysis
  • Crystal Drakes: Transitioning to sustainable post-growth futures: Exploring complex blue economy scenarios in the island of Barbados
  • Anita Lazurko: Expanding the boundaries of climate resilient futures: Participatory cross-impact balances in the Red River Basin
  • Stephanie Stumpf: Designing coherent energy policy mixes for the diffusion of heat pumps, PV battery storage systems, and electric vehicles
  • Prof. Vanessa Schweizer: "Potential roles for CIB to foster reflexivity in environmental assessments (IPCC, IPBES etc.)"
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