Call for papers “Participatory Research and Policy Design in Wicked Problem Settings“

23. November 2022

Call for papers for a conference session on “Participatory Research and Policy Design in Wicked Problem Settings”. Public policy scholars increasingly deal with wicked, unstructured, or messy problems (Head 2022). To address such problems in policy design, there is an increasing call for participation of various actors in general and in research more specifically – discussing here concepts such as ‘transdisciplinary research’, ‘citizen science’, ‘dual modes of science communication’, ‘public engagement’ and many others (Hou et al. 2022; Hodgkinson et al. 2022). In this session, we would like to reflect on the role of these participatory research approaches in policy design, and for problem structuring (Simon 1973), more specifically.

The hybrid session will take place at the sixth International Conference of Public Policy ICPP6 by the International Public Policy Association IPPA, 27.-29.06.2023, Toronto, Canada. Session T07 P04 will be organized and convened by Sabrina Kirschke  (Museum für Naturkunde – Leibniz Institute for Evolution and Biodiversity Science), Vanessa Schweizer (University of Waterloo) and Hannah Kosow (Universität Stuttgart).

More information on the session and the call for papers:

The call for is open until January 31, 2023.

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